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Post by XxScreamsInTheDarkXx on Sat Mar 19, 2011 11:39 pm

Have you ever wanted to scream?
Scream until your lungs stopped
Have you ever wanted to cry?
Cry until your eyes burned

Have you ever lied in bed awake?
Just thinking of the ways you could die
Have you ever faked a smile?
Just so no one will ask

Have you ever stared in the mirror?
And just wanted to hit it until the glass broke
Have you ever stayed up late?
Wishing that the pain would go away

Do you ever wonder?
Wonder what went wrong
Do you ever ask?
Ask why it all happened

Has anyone ever asked you?
If you were ok
Have you ever answered I’m fine?
And just walked away knowing you weren’t ok

i'm the angel of death and your my next victom

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