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Me and well my opinions  Empty Me and well my opinions

Post by Ember Passion on Thu Oct 06, 2011 2:10 pm

Many people call me an emo or goth because I listen to MCR, BVB, Asking Alexandria, Paramore and other cool bands. I kinda guess their kinda right, although I have strawberry blonde hair (I wanted to dye it black but I'm allergic to the dye), I also have blue eyes and pale skin (unless I stay in the sun).I like to draw/paint, I listen to loads of music and I have a real problem with authority.
I may have problems and I can be secretive but I am damn loyal to friends and family. I don't have the best personality, I can be moody at times, can be stubborn and stupid. I have the tendency to become slightly depressed.
I won't go behind people's backs and b*tch about them, I will tell them my problem face to face. Some call me blunt, I'm just straight and truthful with little tact... But fair warning don't get on my bad side; which means don't hurt my friends/ family/ people I know, I hate gossip.
Don't like me, deal with it.
I love many things especially art and music, everything to do with free-expression. I hate b*tches, fakers, whores.
Ember Passion
Ember Passion

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Me and well my opinions  Empty Re: Me and well my opinions

Post by ShaeShae on Sun Oct 16, 2011 11:20 am

Well Ember Passion just know i got your back as well. I am the Admin and i would like to say welcome make yourself comfortable, and im sorry for the late welcome but i have ben mega busy latley, but im back now.

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