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Post by Ember Passion on Thu Oct 06, 2011 2:58 pm

I'll stand by you,
in day, by night.
I'll care for you
my daily fight.
I just want love,
to hold you tight.
Mine forever,
eternal life.
To watch and see,
but I can't touch.
It's so damn hard,
but can't give up.
Please I would beg
for you to go.
But I will not,
Like a small moth
to a bright flame,
You'll just draw me.
Again. Again.
It's killing me,
I see, I know.
You're just so sweet,
my daily addition.
My pained sorrow,
the sweetest blow.
Fall to the ground.
Again. Again.
Your killing me,
and would you care?
I'll stand by you,
in day, by night.
I'll still love you,
my eternal light.
Ember Passion
Ember Passion

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