Protect me...(Must have at least one boy one girl)

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Protect me...(Must have at least one boy one girl)

Post by ShaeShae on Sun Oct 16, 2011 1:00 pm

While running for her life, rose meets a group of lets say special poepl. They protect her from what she thinks if a plain wolf. They are like a family, adding rose to the family, they want to protect her from everything, even their true identitys, until one falls in love with rose wanting to tell her the truth, the others try to stop him/her but the truth soon comes out.

Character sheet:
Name: Rose woods
Age: 19
Species: Human (for now)
Bio: Her step brother had raped her when she was little so she doesnt like being touched but she is still very happy and kind. She is shy, until you get to know her.

Character Sheet:
Name:Christain Anderson
Species: Vampire
Bio:He is kind hearted but has a wall blocking all emotions. He is constantly hiding his kindness by sarcasm, and jokes.

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